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Access Statement

A full statement was prepared by the Achievable Access Group: Swansea Institute of Higher Education in 2008 but I have now lost this. the basic set up has not changed.

friendly guide follows:

Basically, there is both a stepped and ramped access to the front door, with parking space close to ramped access. There is a lip at the threshold of the main door. While within guidelines,  assistance would be required (and is offered) to ease access. A gentle ramp leads into the hallway. The less-abled bedroom is to the right at the entrance with the door, and light switches and sockets, being placed according to guidance. There is a wet room shower (including grab rails). The wet room is not customised for particular or extreme disabilities and additional apparatus would need to be brought to the premises. There is a purpose shower seat. The breakfast room is opposite and accessible. The town centre and rail/bus services are within close proximity, although the town is built on a sloping hillside!  Please ask for assistance to help make your stay comfortable!